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In 1983, the Trustees of the Baltimore City College Scholarship Funds was established and incorporated by the Baltimore City College Alumni Association. The new organization replaced the Board of Trustees of the Endowment Fund of the Alumni Association of the Baltimore City College that had been founded in 1924. Since its inception in 1983, the Trustees of the Baltimore City College Scholarship Funds, Inc. has focused on enabling students to make the best use of their education at Baltimore City College or at an institution of higher education after graduation from the Baltimore City College, Baltimore, Maryland. The Trustees is a non-profit 501(c)(3) State of Maryland corporation, IRS Employer Identification Number 52-1294473.

Valued at approximately $85,000, five endowments were received initially by the Trustees in 1983. Three of the five came from the corporation that the Trustees replaced. Of those three, the longest existing had originated in 1911 in memory of the Honorable Douglas H. Rose, Class of 1880. The other two of the five initial endowments came from a previously dissolved alumni association corporation. Twenty-five years later, in 2008, another transfer of endowments added to the 31 held by the Trustees at the time. From the City of Baltimore Department of Finance, the Trustees received the assets and administration accountability for three endowments that had been established previously in 1947, 1961 and 1972 to benefit Baltimore City College.

Currently, the Trustees manages the numerous endowments listed in the concluding paragraph of this text. Most of the endowments provide annual scholarships to graduating seniors based on criteria stipulated by the donors. However, a donor created endowment provides annual support for co-curricular activities at the Baltimore City College. Also, the Baltimore City College Alumni Association Life Membership Fund endowment provides annual support for the operation of that organization.

The Trustees has a board of 15 voting members. All must be graduates of the Baltimore City College. Board members are elected for a five-year term. From the board, four officers are elected for one-year terms: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. The two ex-officers and non-voting  members of the board are the Principal of the Baltimore City College and the President of the Baltimore City College Alumni Association. Also, the board has emeritus members.

When an interested alumni or friend indicates the intention to create an endowment, the Trustees of the Baltimore City College Scholarship Funds will process the implementation of the endowed fund. Contact by a prospective donor should be directed to the President of the Trustees.

Every endowment is documented by a memorandum of understanding that specifies the terms and conditions for management of the investment of the endowment principal and annual income as well as the disbursement of the annual income.

For each school year, the President of the Trustees circulates a scholarship status report. The report announces recipients in the previous Baltimore City College graduating class. The report announces the scholarship amounts available for the next graduating class. Each November at the annual meeting of the board, the Treasurer issues a financial report for the past year.

To guide the operation of the Trustees, the board and the officers have established certain policies.

  • The Trustees will not conduct fund raising.
  • Unless otherwise stipulated in a memorandum of understanding, a predetermined portion of an endowment’s annual income will be reinvested to become part of the endowment’s principal.
  • Annual return on investment disbursed from any scholarship fund to an institution of higher education will carry the following notice:

This check is transmitted on the condition that it will be applied solely to the tuition obligation of the above named scholarship recipient. We expect that as a result of the application of the check any unpaid balance of the scholarship recipient’s tuition will be reduced or the amount of any loan which has been applied to the tuition bill will be reduced. If your institution cannot honor the terms and conditions which accompany acceptance of the enclosed of the enclosed check, we would appreciate the immediate return of the check.

  • The endowment assets for the Mary R. Dudley Memorial Scholarship must remain in an African American controlled financial institution.

To recognize the custodianship provided by the Trustees, the Baltimore City College Alumni Association has placed an imposing cast bronze plaque in the main hall of the Baltimore City College school building. The plaque carries an individual nameplate for each permanent endowment help by the Trustees. Annually, acknowledgement text appears in the commencement program for the Baltimore College graduating senior class.

Beginning with the Class of 1982, the annual return on endowment investment has enabled the Trustees to award hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships to graduating seniors of the Baltimore City College. In chronological order of origination, what follows is a list of existing endowments managed by the Trustees of the Baltimore City College Scholarship Funds:

  • Douglas H. Rose Scholarship (1911)
  • Edward L. Torsh/ Class of 1868 Scholarship (1928)
  • Israel Krieger Scholarship (1929)
  • Aaron Straus Scholarships (1958)
  • Mary R. Dudley Scholarship to Morgan State University (1972)
  • Baltimore City College Alumni Association Life Membership (1984)
  • Joseph Meyerhoff Memorial Scholarship (1984)
  • Henry C. Wentz Memorial Prize Scholarship (1984)
  • John C. Wentz Jr. Memorial Prize Scholarship (1984)
  • Royce Diener Co-Curricular Support (1984)
  • Baltimore City College Alumni Prize Scholarship (1987)
  • Sylvan Shane Scholarship Prize (1987)
  • Alfred H. Moses Scholarship (1988)
  • Hyman “Lefty’ Stern Athletic Achievement Scholarship (1988)
  • Dr. Edgar F. and Phoebe R. Berman Memorial Scholarship (1989)
  • Corbin Gwaltney Scholarship Prize for Class Valedictorian (1990)
  • Andre S. Wickham Memorial Scholarship (1993)
  • Dr. Ephram T. Lisansky Memorial Scholarship (1994)
  • Hyman Cohen Memorial Scholarship (1994)
  • S. Peter Lebowitz Scholarship (1994)
  • Alan B. Snyder and Susan R. Katz-Snyder Scholarship (1997)
  • Robert E. Seney Excellence in English Scholarship (1999)
  • John F. Steadman Memorial Scholarship (2000)
  • Class of February, 1943 Memorial Scholarship (2001)
  • Calvin E. Tyler Jr. Scholarship (2005)
  • Campbell Bernstein Slusky Scholarship (2005)
  • Harold Greenwald Memorial Scholarship (2006)
  • Judge Robert I.H. Hammerman Memorial Scholarship (2006)
  • Lemuel C. Dunbar & William M. Dunbar Scholarship (2007)
  • Deana & Gerald Stempler Scholarship (2007)
  • Robert W. Schaefer Scholarship (2008)
  • Carl Otto Schoenrich Memorial Award (1947/2008)
  • Edgar J. Kassan Memorial Award (1961/2008)
  • Irving Berman Memorial Scholarship (1972/2008)
  • Hugh P. McCormick Scholarship (2009)
  • James P. Grant Scholarship (2011)

Lee Dean Barron, Jr. Scholarship are disbursed by the Trustees after the annual grant from a trust held elsewhere has been received. This arrangement begin in 2009.

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